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The French re-LAB covers the entire renovation value chain with representatives from the supply-side, demand-side, institutions and financing. Interested to connect with one of its members ? Then contact our French partners R2M Solution (Rachel Desmaris, Régis Decorme) and Dowel Innovation (Athanase Vafeas).

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French re-LAB Partners
ADEME [ Institutional | Financing ] The French Agency for Ecological Transition, a public agency under the joint authority of the Ministry for an Ecological Transition and the Ministry for Higher Education, Research and Innovation. The agency supports, facilitates and helps financing many projects, from research to solutions sharing towards a fairer, more harmonious, low carbon and resource-efficient society. Its expertise and forecasting capacities serve to guide and inform public policies.
CSTB [ Institutional | Supply-side ] The French Scientific and Technical Center for Building aims to serve its clients and the public interest to imagine the buildings and cities of the future by guiding and securing sustainable construction and renovation projects, to improve the quality of life of the people who use them by anticipating the effects of climate change. CSTB coordinates the TURNKEY RETROFIT project which developed the Solutions4Renovation service.
ENERGIES 2050 [ Demand-side ] A collective adventure in search of a better life together, respecting natural resources and a necessary solidarity to reinvent, ENERGIES 2050 calls for the involvement of all citizens in the world for the setting up of a new shared development model to be collectively imagined.
EP [ Supply-side ] EP is a SME which runs the HEERO integrated renovation service for residential buildings. Since 2007, EP has been breaking the codes to revolutionize real estate and buildings and which has already supported more than 130,000 energy renovation projects.
GreenFlex [ Supply-side ] From strategy to action, GreenFlex has been supporting companies and territories for more than 12 years in all their challenges of sustainable development , decarbonization and energy efficiency. GreenFlex has a team dedicated to the implementation of the EnergieSprong approach since 2016.
ICF Habitat [ Demand-side ] With 6 companies spread across France and more than 95,000 housing units, ICF Habitat, the housing subsidiary of SNCF, is one of the largest French housing operators. A major player in urban transformations, the group is inventing the housing of tomorrow: sustainable, innovative, and designed to meet the expectations of all stakeholders.
Lyon Confluence [ Institutional-side | Demand-side ] The urban planning company (Société publique locale – SPL) Lyon Confluence has been the developer of the urban reconversion project in the south of the Lyon peninsula for 20 years. Created in 1999 by the Metropolis of Lyon, it steers development in accordance with the guidelines given by elected officials.
Nobatek/INEF4 [ Supply-side | Institutional side ] NOBATEK/INEF4 is a private RTO, French Institute for Energy and Environmental Transition in the Construction industry. Its mission is to co-develop innovative solutions to assist the construction sector in its entirety (architects, corporations, public and private contractors, developers, engineers and communities) in achieving greater energy efficiency and sustainable design, moving towards the greater Energy and Environmental Transition.
Oktave [ Supply-side | Institutional side ] OKTAVE is the integrated service for energy renovation of housing, initiated by the Grand EST region and ADEME in 2015. This service was set up to meet the requirements of the French Green Energy Transition Law which requires having a housing stock that meets BBC standards by 2050.
Operene [ Supply-side ] Operene is an engineering company created in 2014 which implements global energy renovations of multifamily-buildings (condominiums, social housing) and the public tertiary sector, mainly in the French Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. Operene intervenes at each stage of the project, from the financial study, through the coordination of a group of local companies, up to the guarantee of actual consumption after renovation.
Osmose [ Supply-side ] Osmose is a SME with more than 20 years of experience in the design, installation and maintenance of HVAC – heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. Energy efficiency is at the core of every project it conducts for its customers.
Plan Bâtiment Durable [ Institutional-side | Financing ] Launched in January 2009, the French Sustainable Building Plan brings together a larger number of building and real estate players each year around a common mission: to promote the achievement of energy and environmental efficiency objectives in this sector. It ensures permanent consultation within the sector and bears witness to the ongoing mobilization of players at the national and regional levels. It is thus a source of proposals with the public authorities.
Pôle Fibres-Energivies [ Supply-side | Demand-side | Institutional-side | Financing ] Estabished in 2015, the Fibres-Energivie Competitiveness Cluster is the only French competitiveness cluster dedicated to materials for the construction industry. It brings together all of the players in the value chain (from materials suppliers to integrators): chemical industry, materials, building design, constructive systems industry, energy facilities, building trades, building maintenance and property development promotion.