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The Spanish re-LAB covers the entire renovation value chain with representatives from the supply-side, demand-side, institutions and financing. Interested to connect with one of its members ? Then contact our Spanish partners IVE (Valencia Institute of Buildings).

Spanish re-LAB Partners
AAFF LOGO AAFFColegio de Administradores de Fincas de Valencia y Castellón – the Association of Property Administrators of Valencia and Castellón is a Public Law Corporation which brings together professionals from the provinces of Valencia and Castellón dedicated to the administration of real estate assets.
There are currently about 1000 members of the Association who manage more than 80% of the homes in the area. The Association watches over the good practice of the profession so that the professional activity, based on ethical principles, is adequate to the interests and rights of the citizens, being one of the main pillars the preservation of the fundamental Right to Housing. It also ensures the conservation and administration of property and real estate assets.
AB+Q LOGO Arquia Banca is a bank specialized in the service to professionals, whose purpose is to respond to their specific needs through personalized attention and treatment.
Arquia Banca carries out a model of proximity banking, meaning differentiation with respect to the standardization of the sector. They offer a range of products and services needed by professionals, individuals and companies, providing an integrated service based on personalized service, trust and transparency. They offer customized financial solutions to meet the needs of their clients, both personally and in the exercise of their profession.
AVACUAsociación Valenciana de Consumidores y Usuarios [Demand] – the Valencian Association of Consumers and Users is a non-profit association at the service of consumers which, since 1978, has been dedicated to carrying out training, information and consumer defence activities, whose main objective is the protection of consumer rights. AVACU is a member of the Confederation of Consumers and Users CECU, through which it is represented in the Council of Consumers and Users (CCU).
Logo Ayuntamiento de Gandia Ayuntamiento de Gandia – Municipality of Gandia
Logo CTAC CTACColegio Territorial de Arquitectos de Castellón [Supply] – the Territorial Association of Architects of Castellón is a public corporation that provides services to architects in the province of Castellón, as well as answering to the administrations in its field and promoting the dissemination of architecture as well as its conservation and enhancement for all citizens.
Logo Federacion Valencia FECOVIFederación de Cooperativas de Viviendas y Rehabilitación de la Comunitat Valenciana [Demand] – the Federation of Housing and Rehabilitation Cooperatives of the Valencian Community is the representative body of the housing cooperatives of the Valencian Community, with the purpose of representing, defending, and promoting the interests of the voluntarily associated housing cooperatives.
Logo FEVEC FEVECFederación Valenciana de Empresarios de la Construcción [Institutional] – the Valencian Federation of Construction Businesses is a business organisation created in May 1977. It is made up of 12 professional associations. Its geographical scope is the province of Valencia and its aim is the representation and defence of the construction business sector in any of its professional activities. FEVEC is represented in different higher level bodies such as CEV, CECCOVA, CNC and CEOE. It also leads and collaborates in several European and regional projects to contribute to the transformation of the sector towards circularity and to improve professional training in construction.
Logo FVMP Set up on the 24th of July, 1982, FVMP –  Federación Valenciana de Municipios y Provincias [Institutional] – Valencian Federation of Municipalities and Provinces is the unique association that represents the local interests and authorities from Valencia Region. Their main goals are the following:

  • Boost and defend the autonomy of local entities, as well as represent their interests.
  • Develop and consolidate the European and democratic spirit at local level.
  • Promote and carry out studies to know better the problems and circumstances of local life.
  • Cooperate and provide technical support for the development of local interests.
  • Enhance and carry out training programmes and activities aimed to local decision makers and civil servants.
  • Expand initiatives to contribute to local economic development, job creation and environment protection, and in this way to improve the life quality of citizens.
  • Encourage the citizen participation in the local entities.

FVMP has 581 local entities as members, from the three provinces of Comunitat Valenciana: Castelló, València and Alicante.

PROVIAAsociación de Promotores Inmobiliarios de la Provincia de Alicante – the Association of Real Estate Developers of the Province of Alicante, is a non-profit business organization in which most of the Real Estate Developers operating in the Province of Alicante are integrated.
PROVIA’s activity extends to a wide range of services of services ranging from the defense of the interests of their group to the analysis of the problems of the housing subsector, including training services, legal advice and information services.