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The Slovenian re-LAB covers the entire renovation value chain with representatives from the supply-side, demand-side, institutions and financing. Interested to connect with one of its members ? Then contact our Slovenian partners IRI UL (Jure Vetršek).


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GOLEA energy agency has a mission to accelerate adoption of practices and technologies with a view to achieving regional energy self-sufficiency by deploying efficiency measures and RES utilization in public infrastructure. Through cooperation that was established with municipalities and national institutions in the energy field GOLEA is significantly contributing to the development of energy self-sufficiency strategies.
Municipality Zagorje ob Savi, former brown coal mining area, is located in the heart of Slovenia. It covers an area of 147 square kilometres and has been implementing sustainable energy transition since closure of coal mining in 1995. Almost all public buildings have been retrofitted and municipality in active in supporting the transition. The municipality is owner of Olea demo unit.
SITHOK – Slovenian Society for Heating, Refrigerating and Air-conditioning Engineers is bringing together experts in HVAC and is led by academic staff of Faculty of mechanical engineering, university of Ljubljana.
  GZS ZUN – Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia Real Estate Association, as an integral part of the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry is representative organization for the majority of companies involved in real estate brokerage, property management and property valuation. Every year they organise traditional annual Real Estate Business Consultation. Raising the profile of the industry and protecting the interests of its members is a priority for ZUN.
Eutrip is a leading engineering company that provides comprehensive solutions in the field of investments, including conceptual solutions, investment documentation, grant applications, energy audits, project documentation, supervision, supervision, monitoring, as well as the coordination and administration of EU projects. They advise on the introduction of BIM and digitisation technologies in the field of project management, preparation of project documentation and smart cities.
Housing company Ravne na Koroškem is registered to carry out a wide range of activities. Its core business is the management and administration of real estate and related business activities. In the service market, they looking for other niche markets and business opportunities that are close to their core business and the skills of our employees. They offer comprehensive management and advice to their service users. They provide assistance and expert advice to building owners on the generation and sharing of costs. They provide technical expertise to building owners and occupants, while also offering to carry out all maintenance work on the buildings they manage.
DTE – The Sustainable Energy Society is a voluntary, non-political and independent association of natural persons who have come together with the aim of socialising, promoting an in-depth knowledge of technical culture and providing information on sustainable energy and environmental protection. Their experts run independent energy consulting to physical persons in Zagorje ob Savi.
  Ministry of Education (created in January 2023, before MIZŠ) has a mission to create an inclusive, equitable, sustainable and creative society of lifelong learning, strengthen the participation of young people and encourage sporting activities. This is done also via investments in educational buildings.
Ekosklad – Slovenian Environmental Public Fund – Eco Fund, was established in 1993. Its main purpose is to promote development in the field of environmental protection by offering financial incentives such as soft loans and grants for different environmental investment projects. Eco Fund manages the network of energy advisors EnSvet, that provides free energy advise for citizens.
RRA Zasavje – Zasavje Regional Development Agency is a public institution established by all Zasavje region municipalities, and is the main institution responsible for regional development of the Zasavje region. They provide professional and technical assistance for the functioning of the Council of the region, Regional development council and manages the regional development network. They are main contact point for the implementation of Just transition fund in Zasavje.
GZS Zasavje – The Zasavska Chamber of Commerce and Industry is an integral part of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia. It represents the interests of the members of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia in the Zasavska region. The Zasavska Chamber of Commerce and Industry independently formulates positions and proposals on issues of economic development in the region, as well as more broadly, and enforces them vis-à-vis local authorities and institutions, and through the Chamber of Commerce and Industry also vis-à-vis the state.
SP Zagorje – housing company has the mission to provide a quality living experience for building owners and occupants in a multi-apartment building. As a good steward, they keep the buildings they manage in good conditions. They believe that with a kind word, cooperation and fair work, together with the owners and other stakeholders, they can make a multi-apartment building a real home. A home that provides a carefree, safe and pleasant living environment.